Room-scale VR experience specially made for entertainment businesses

Increase your profits by adding VR experience to your offering
Is it for you?
Are you a VR Escape Room/VR Arcade operator and want to have a new title made and optimized specifically for location-based VR?

Or are you just planning to add VR to your business?

Then our VR experience is for you
Players navigate in VR world by walking - this gives the highest immersion. Also we utilize physical space limits to increase it even further. Playing area is 3x5 m
Up to 4 players
Up to 3 players per room and 4 players per game
Optimized for location-based businesses
Comes with in-game hints system, control and monitoring software for game master, adjustable game session length and other features. Doesn't cause nausea even to inexperienced users
(Optional) Physical props
Stand out from other location-based VR businesses! Advanced version of our VR experience includes physical prototypes of big virtual objects in reality in order to greatly increase the immersion. We help you set it up
(Optional) Turn-key solution
We additionally help you to buy hardware, set everything up and train how to operate. Either remotely or in person
Our VR experiences
Our VR experiences
Genetic Lab

A friend asks you to replace him at work tonight. All you need to do is feed and watch after the animals. What can possibly go wrong?

Video is here

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