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What is MIVAR?
Feel magic with Blended Reality
MIVAR is a highly advanced Virtual Reality park, where virtual and physical is blended together into Blended Reality.

One moment you lean on the wall hiding from the dangerous creature, next you are in the control room sitting on the chair trying to start the space ship. Or trying to find a hidden button on the wall to open the door to the magical castle. Or standing on the sea shore waiting to fight the dragon. Or solving a puzzle to get out of the dungeon. And you can literally feel the walls, the chair, the control panel of the space ship, the hidden button on the wall, the sea breeze or the smell of the dungeon! It's so real!

We are making entertainment described in sci-fi a reality now!
How does it work?
You together with your friends come to one of our locations. As soon as you put on the equipment you are totally immersed into the virtual world where you live through the experience together. It's so real! With our technology you can actually walk through all the world, actually interact and feel everything in it! This is Blended Reality.
Blended Reality
Walk, touch and feel
You can literally walk around inside the virtual world, touch and feel everything you see. Just like as it is a real world you are in.

Furthermore, our experiences are designed to be free of motion sickness. Money back if you have it.
Play with friends
More people means more fun! Bring your frinds. Bring your lovers, colleagues, parents, children, anyone you care about. Together you will discover secrets and experience the magic of mysterious and alluring worlds and share unforgettable emotions and memories!
Live through your favourite games
Partnerships with big gaming titles are coming. Soon you will be able not only to enjoy them on PC, but live and feel the most memorable episodes or even play completely new ones at our VR Park!
Even more, you will able to synchronize your character from the game on PC with our VR Park experiences, and back.
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Graduated from Y Combinator Startup School
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